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Her projects are anchored in her passion for thoughtful design, each telling its own story and evoking emotion along the way. Growing up in Sweden fostered her imagination and sense of curiosity about the world, which has profoundly informed her work. As a teenager, moving to the United States gave her a deeper perspective on her built environment and the impact and ability of surroundings to create change and positively influence the human experience.

Sormeh studied architecture in Colorado and Copenhagen to learn the tools and application of three-dimensional thinking and how it affects the human mind. The totality of her education and experiences has culminated in her ability to create inspiring spaces that spark meaningful conversations and impactful memories.

"I have always had a unique perspective on my environment, and I knew I would never revert to a surface-level interpretation."

Sormeh has designed more than thirty establishments across the United States ranging in scale from restaurants and bars all the way up to large-scale hotels and resorts.

Her trademark is meticulously curating environments that reveal the story of each unique space with respect for craftsmanship and design -- delivering spaces where people can relax and recharge to return to the world to contribute positively.

Media outlets featuring Sormeh's projects include Forbes, Modern Luxury, Vogue Living, Interior Design Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Goop, and the Los Angeles Times.

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